Jeff Camp


Jeff Camp began writing songs as a teenager, but he began FINISHING them at age 41, the year his life changed forever.

Jeff was too busy to write songs during his college years at Harvard, though not too busy to meet his wife there. He was too busy to write songs during his years working for Microsoft in Redmond, Washington and Tokyo. He was too busy to write songs when he left Microsoft, moved to California and began working for change in public schools, mostly through Full Circle Fund and and, an education site.

Having three children made him busier than ever.

Then a seizure woke him up. Undetected, a tumor had quietly been slowly growing in the left parietal lobe of his brain. MRI images showed a mass the size of a small mandarin orange. During recovery from surgery, radiation therapy and chemo, Jeff finished his first song, aptly titled “Evil Tangerine.” In subsequent years, Jeff made songwriting a growing priority, writing for his own voice as well as for others whose talents inspired him. His songs have earned recognition in song competitions including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and the West Coast Songwriters song competition.

Jeff’s songs reflect varied influences from James Taylor to Crowded House, Squeeze, Lyle Lovett and Norah Jones. His songs all have a quirky edge and a purpose, sometimes concealed.